Getting to all this entertainment

There’s a lot of entertainment out there. Too much for a reasonable person to realistically get through. You’re never going to get around to seeing all of it. While TV shows and such might be popular you might never get around to it, and all the things that I hear about; certain shows, movies, books, etc., that I must watch/read has reached newer heights as the years go on.

In an attempt to get through the more popular stuff I keep getting recommended, I’m going to watch 1 thing a day. This might be an episode of a TV show or a movie, as well as read at least 20 pages a day of a book from my massive book collection.

This ensures that I get through an average season in 3 weeks, plus read through a 400 page book in about the same time. I might end up enjoying it to the point I just watch the whole season or read the whole book in a few days. An episode in a show is averagely 45 minutes long by my viewing, and it’d take me about a half an hour to read 20 pages, so it doesn’t take much out of the day. So I start on my viewing spree, and seeing if all these recommendations are worth it.

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