Deadwood season 01 – episode 01 review

Set in 1876, characters head towards Deadwood, the titular town in which there is no law enforcement. It sounds like a great setting for a western, a town where anybody can come and apparently set up business and pave their own way using their own means. Not to say that it’d be easy.

The cast has been set up, a former Marshal moving to Deadwood to open a hardware store (Seth Bullock), a famous gunslinger (Wild Bill Hickok), and a local saloon owner (Al Swearengen), are the main characters this episode has shown us, as well as other characters that have been set up nicely, but not dove as deep into as the 3 previously mentioned.

The shows town of Deadwood so far seems to be my favourite “character”, while not a literal living, breathing organism, it feels as if it is. The towns lawless premise gives it an air of intimidation, where it’s inhabitants can do what they please with very little fear, at least when it comes to law enforcement; there is nothing from stopping the towns people ganging up on someone and delivering their own brand of justice.

The previously mentioned former Marshal may have lost his badge but we clearly see in this episode that even though the badge is gone, his sense of justice isn’t, and is not afraid to still administer it. It seems that the people who move into a lawless town don’t change who they are, they just change where they are.

The characters and town all interest me, and I’m wanting to know what all their reasons for stopping in Deadwood are, how they came to be, and how their presence in Deadwood will change the town. Every town might start off lawless, but it’s only a matter of time before some form of justice brands it.

This episode does a fine job of setting the stage, the characters are all set up for exploring, as is the town of Deadwood; we’ve seen murders, drinking, gambling, prostitutes, a chance of something new for all our characters, whether they might be trying to escape from something, or trying to get to something.


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