Deadwood season 01 – episode 03 review

Things are moving along for all our characters. New players and rivals come into down, and we see characters or at least one of them, put aside a few differences to get business done. Threats are made, and murders are plotted and committed, it seems like the crimes are coming harder and faster now.

Seth and Sol finally get their own bit of land to build the hardware store they wanted to set up, and Seth appears to be even friendlier to Bill Hickok; a reason that has caused him more trouble than he wanted, which remains to be seen how their relationship develops through the coming episodes and the ramifications that might have on the townspeople’s thoughts, especially the powerful ones. Hickok seems to only have a few people in town who aren’t looking to beat him whether it be at card or in a duel, which makes Seth’s relation to him all the more vital if he wants to survive, but how long will he or anyone survive in Deadwood.

Al’s power is shown to be greater than a lot of people there know. Characters readily agree with claims that reach as far as being able to kill anyone and even burn down the whole town; whether they are agree due to fear or sucking up, or if he’s actually able to do it. I believe it’s all of them; they fear him and try to keep on his good side not just because they think he can do it, but because he’s not afraid to do it. Al commands a certain type of respect, and he gets it, one way or another.

The thing about Al is that certain people “Know his ways”, he’s not scared to harm, murder, steal, scam, or deal with anyone whom he deems unnecessary; and that is anyone who threatens his business, and they know it, and they just set up a new business has just set up show right next door.

Spies are all around in this episode, people are being paid off, but are they double agents, triple agents? So many people who seem to be working for someone else before it’s revealed that it could be someone else they really work for. It seems that this episode is about loyalties, but who can you trust in a lawless town?


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