Army of Darkness review

Is this one a remake or a sequel? Well, unlike the last film, this one is easily answered, it’s a sequel; this film starts where the last one ended. Ash has been transported back to the past, where his only goal for most of the film is to go back home; finishing off the actions of a prophecy.

Being sent back to the middle ages defiantly gives this film the right tone for what it is going for. Being the one from the future with knowledge and technology never seen before, using them for a fight with the dead, this type of premise is what I would expect were the films to continue going in the direction that it was, and it did.

There is not a lot of gore this time around, at least compared to the previous two; which receptive to their order did it for the unnerving aesthetic, and then for over the top laughs. This movie takes a page from the second film and keeps the tone of comedy, while this second film focuses on a confined space to up the tension of adding some horror elements, this film goes for an overall action feel, building up throughout the film to a large action fight scene.

The films lack of gore, and in my opinion no horror at all, completes its transformation; from horror film series, to comedy series. Anything that can be regarded as creepy in these films have been left out or rendered to look as comical as possible. I think what I love about Evil Dead 2, is that even though it was funny and never took itself too seriously, there was an air of tension, things that can be called horror or at the least creepy; this film has lost it.

Not to say this is a bad film, at any rate it’s entertaining, and it made me laugh. The final battle is incredibly fun to watch. It’s clear to those who even watch the trailers of these films that the series gets sillier as it goes on. This isn’t a bad thing if it’s done right, and I can say that these films have defiantly done them right.


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