The Big Heat review

The big heat, a great film about a good cop in a bad town. A cop who seems incorruptible perhaps not due to his mortality, but because of his hatred towards the criminals he’s dealing with. Hate which can get him into trouble.

It starts with something simple, a cop who kills himself. Bannion, the aforementioned good cop, believes that it is a simple suicide. That is until another death happens. This sends Bannion down a path of simple justice, was it a suicide or a murder? What might seem as a simple quest for Bannion becomes personal when it seems that Bannion is digging into something that he shouldn’t be.

Bannion, is more than just a straight shooter, he has a fearlessness about him which can almost be said to be foolish; charging right into the home of a powerful criminal to threaten him and beat up his bodyguard right in front of him. Consequence isn’t a word he knows. Even after a family member of his is killed in an obvious warning to back off, it seems revenge outweighs any more killings for him.

The way the film unfolds is great, as Bannion keeps investigating we see him act more and more fearless or foolish depending on your view. He is a smart man, and he knows the more he gets involved the more deaths he will cause, as it seems everyone who helps him ends up dead; he even knows that even his family is in danger, but does that stop him?

It creates a picture of whether or not justice or revenge is the motive, near the end it’s a combination of both, but if you look deeper, it could be more than just that. Bannion keeps going, you can see he wants his justice, his revenge, but even after everything that’s happened, he continues on, he knows it comes with a price. As the movie goes on it makes you wonder if he’ll realise that the people he talks to could be dead the next day because they talked to him, make him wonder if those he loves are in greater danger the more he goes on; will he notice that his pursuit of revenge might mean more to him than the family he has left?


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