Mad Max: Fury Road review

A film about, Furiosa, a high ranking general in a tyrannical civilisation, rebels against the dictator, along with a group of female prisoners, a former psychotic solider, and the wandering, Max.

The film is one long chase scene. At 2 hours long there is barely any room left to breathe, when it isn’t action with vehicles, it is action with a fistfight or action with a shootout. Even when there isn’t any action, there is action; briefly plotting their next course to the action, the suspense of a scene that will lead up to action.

Not to say that all action is bad, the film is beautiful and incredibly well shot. All the action is flowing and easy to follow, to the point that I doubt anyone would care the whole thing is one large action shoot. The story is there, but it’s simple, and it’s mainly the world itself and the characters which tell the story.

The focus on survival and the will to do what you believe in, fighting until you die and giving it your last takes a strong focus here. A character does think for a while of turning back and looking for forgiveness in a moment of weakness, but is stopped by others, going back is useless, as they won’t be free back there. Making this decision to defy and leave is the first free choice they’ve had in a long time, maybe even their whole life.

Tom Hardy takes over the role of Max from Gel Gibson, so naturally this is a different Max. This Max is a mix of Max from Mad Max 2, and Beyond Thunderdome; Max’s arc over those 2 films have been compressed into 2 hours. Alone and out for himself, Max, ends up helping Furiosa due to need of circumstance, but eventually helps them because he’s come to regard them with some compassion.

While Max’s character has a shorter arc than Mel’s Max, the difference in the movies is that Fury Road also focuses on other characters and their arc. The film does a great job of allowing us to care for the main characters and showing us how they change as they come to be better people; each one has a different starting point, is interesting, and grow into something more than what they were.


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