Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure review

A film about 2 slacking teenagers, who are trying to form a band, and are failing history class, which if they do not pass, will separate the 2. To prevent this from happening, a time traveller helps them with their history report.

The band they are forming, the Wyld Stallyns, is going to change the world in the future. To prevent the future from being destroyed, a time traveller, Rufus, lends when his time machine, so Bill and Ted can pass their history class. How best to use this? Would you study the battles and historical figures from a distance? Would you like to go up to them and talk about all the things they’ve done? Or would you pull a Bill and Ted and kidnap them and bring them back to your time? You may think that this is the only way, as the report is “What would historical figures think of modern day San Dimas?”, little considering offering to explain to them what it is, showing videos, picture, modern technology to them. Taking historical figures from their time into your will undoubtedly has consequences, not to mention changing the figures lives forever. Even when you know that before they go back communication would be a problem, it never occurs to Bill and Ted. When they notice that they can’t speak to some of their companions, what do they do? Do what slackers do, roll with it.

That however is pushed aside in favour of a comedy with no rules. When I think about it, the movie never sets up rules for its time travel. They take historical figures from history, change their lives, meet their past and future selves, and yet none of this has any impact on the future whatsoever. The movies doesn’t care, it’s all for just giving up any sense of realism or seriousness and just went with it.

Bill and Ted themselves are typical stupid slackers, only in certain parts of the movie, I am convinced they aren’t as stupid as they act. Make no mistake, these 2 are definitely stupid, but at certain points, it does make you wonder if they know more than they themselves know. The 2 of them have a dream, be a famous band, but there is one problem with that, they can’t even play. They film themselves posing and playing guitar badly, but that doesn’t stop them, they keep at it, almost to the point of being delusional, or maybe it’s just stupidity.

The ending of the film is the point I feel things almost come full circle. Bill tells Ted after all they’ve seen, done, and become, nothing has changed, they are still in the same situation, and doing the same thing. Ted offers the solution of actually learning how to play the guitar. The adventure has taught them that if you want to succeed at something you have to put in actual effort. Maybe in the future these 2 could be great, and they just learnt one of the most important lessons in life to be so.


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