Animal House review

A film about a college Dean that has had too much of a specific fraternity, namely, Delta Tau Chi, he plans to have the entire fraternity expelled.

The Dean, Vernon Wormer, has a foreboding tone than plays when he is talking about Delta, and his plans for them. The soundtrack makes the plan seem even sinister than it really is. Wormer will have his way and will apparently stop at nothing to find something that’ll kick Delta out.

I sympathise with almost everyone here, Wormer has reason to kick them out. Listing all the things they have done, you might see the funny side to them, and some sound funny, but others sound like spiteful pranks that make it harder work for everyone not involved in the prank. The prank is for the enjoyment of the prankster, and it seems that Delta likes their enjoyment to sometimes go too far. On the other hand, I do sympathise with some members of Delta, they love to have fun and just do what they want, drink, party, smoke pot, the list goes on.

Some people, like almost all of our main characters, just seem to drift their way through college, as if it’s just another phase of life that everyone must go through. Go to school, go to college, work, it’s just someone everyone goes through, right? Why not enjoy yourselves while you’re here? Sometime though, you need to take things seriously, when something like being expelled from college is a real and current situations to you, you would try your best to improve, however these don’t. If you’re not even going to try, why are you still there?

The situations these characters find themselves in are completely of their own devising, it’s their fault, and in most cases will make it worse for themselves, and will just keep on going for as long as they can before having to run away.

In a way, this breezing through life and not caring attitude relates to Delta’s saying, “Don’t get mad, get even”. This line about half an hour in sets up what I believed would happen in the end. You know that if the Dean ever does anything too drastic to Delta, they’ll strike back the only way Delta knows how.

The way everything unfolds for our characters seems to be one poor choice after another. Some are not as good as smooth talking as others, but the smooth talkers might find themselves in a situation where their words are useless. It’s almost like some characters are overestimating their luck and smarts and underestimating those that are against them.

All of these come together to create a movie which is funny and entertaining. The characters are fun and likeable in their own ways, even if I disagree with some of their choices. Whether you feel more sympathy for the Dean, or Delta, the film’s a great comedy worth watching.


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