Stardust review

A film about a countryside boy who makes a promise to his love that he will retrieve a fallen star, which has landed outside of the Wall, and into the magical realm.

Tristan, the young village boy, is in love with Victoria, and when he compares himself to his rival in love, Humphrey, seems to devalue his own worth. After making a deal with Victoria to go beyond the Wall, to retrieve a fallen star, in exchange for her hand in marriage, he sets off into an unknown world, with nothing but the clothes on his back, a magic thread, and magic candle.

While Tristan is looking for the fallen star, so are several princes who need to claim the star to become king, and several witches who want the star to reclaim their youth. The constant hunt for the star, which turns out to be a young woman called Yvaine, is always hounding Tristan. Tristan is just looking to show Victoria the star, however, he starts to notice Victoria may not be the one for him when he’s the only one who is proving himself.

The adventure takes him all over the place and encountering a wide range of interesting characters. The characters are the core of this movie, the conflict between the princes, the relationship of the witches and their magic, the growing relationship between Tristan and Yvaine, and the most interesting character, Captain Shakespeare and his crew of pirates. Each and every one of these characters have their own distinct personalities and quirks.

The world they enter is interesting and filled with magic. We don’t delve deeply into the lore, which is disappointing because what little we know about it is interesting and I’d like to see more on how magic works in this world.

Tristan and Yvaine grow as people, becoming more confident. At the start Tristan is outclassed in a fight with Humphrey, he tries but accepts that he can’t compete with him. There is a scene later when Tristan comes back and when Humphrey draws his sword, Tristan calmly and confidently just draws his sword, shows off he can handle it well, and prepares to fight. You see how much he has grown throughout his adventure, he no longer sees himself as unworthy, he sees himself as a capable fighter and someone who knows what he wants, and what love really is. He is now wiser for all he has done.

Fairy tale stories are often simple, but the characters are not; it’s the characters that are the focus. This tale is no different. The characters are all interesting enough to keep you entertained while the plot moves forward, you can even say the characters are what moves the plot forward in the end.


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