The Dead Zone review

A film about a school teacher, Johnny, who gets involved in a car crash, but wakes up from a coma to find out he has psychic powers.

Johnny, who leaves his girlfriend’s home late one night, crashes into a tanker and ends up in a coma for 5 years. When he awakens, he finds his girlfriend has left him and married someone else, but that he has gained psychic abilities.

Johnny, at first, accepts that he has these abilities and doesn’t do much with them, and isn’t afraid to prove he has them; he doesn’t care if the world knows he has powers, I don’t think he even cares about the consequences that can arise from that. Surely he has to expect a load of people to come to him for help; people who want the truth, maybe speaking to someone beyond the grave; maybe lawyers who want to know the truth; even the police might come knocking for extra help, which the later actually happens.

The film shows him using his powers to help the police as he tries to get better but gets to getting shot in the leg. Johnny becomes reclusive and starts to do what he wants to do, which is teach again, starting to tutor from home. It seems like he begins to almost resent his powers, never using them, he could use these powers for all sorts of purposes, it could be due to getting shot, and realising that just because he has these powers, doesn’t mean he’s invincible, but he is content with just teaching.

He takes a while to get back to his life, not just adjusting with his powers, but just life in general. As he says to his ex, “For you, five years have come and gone. For me, it’s just about the next day,” we see that to him, he lost almost his whole life in what seems to him, the blink of an eye.

We see him go through his life, trying to get back on his feet, dealing with death, coping how his life’s changed, helping the police track down a killer, saving his friend from death at the expense of never seeing him again, and even debating murder for the greater good. We see him try to adapt to his new life, and it doesn’t always seem he is doing well.

We see that Johnny is a good person, willing to sacrifice his life for something he knows is right. It could be that losing his life has given him nothing left to live for, so he feels he has nothing to lose. He seems to adjust to life well, he appears to be enjoying life, and even makes some friends, however, you might feel in certain scenes, he doesn’t feel fulfilled.

The movie has bits of mystery, drama, crime, comedy, supernatural, thriller, and even a little horror, and it’s a movie that mixes these genres well, into something entertaining.


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