From Dusk Till Dawn review

Two criminals, Seth and Richard, take their hostages to Mexico, to escape the FBI and met a rendezvous, in a club which turns out to be an establishment run by vampires.

The film starts off with Seth and Richard escaping from the law after robbing a bank. We see the scene set up the characters; Seth is a cool, calm, and thinking man, who doesn’t want to kill but isn’t afraid to kill if need be, cold-blooded; Richard is emotional, unstable, a pure killer, less a cold blooded killer than a hot-blooded killer.

It plays like a dark comedy in some places, in the starting scene, a man gets set on fire, and lands on a shelf full of popcorn, and Seth and Richard stand there, watching the popcorn pop around the man’s burning corpse. Another scene is when they are walking away from an exploding building without paying attention to it, with Seth talking about them keeping a low profile.

The film plays it straight for an hour, we see a crime film, playing with action and suspense. There is no hint of anything supernatural, no fantasy elements, there is no build up, it’s almost as if 2 different films are pointed together. Did the writers get to the club and have no satisfying climatic ending so they just added in vampires?

The later half of the film, when the vampires appear, is when the film seems to go fully into comedy mode. It gets completely ridiculous, with them making completely hilarious weapons to fight them, like condoms filled with holy water, or a wooden stake attached to a jackhammer. The film plot goes completely out of the window and just does whatever it wants.

Seth and Richard are completely unredeemable, but towards the end, Seth, becomes more of an anti-hero, he starts to change, he becomes more helpful and starts to save people. Maybe because he says that he believes the vampires and from Hell, and if there is a Hell, there must be a Heaven. He might be doing this because he believes his soul is in danger, or because he feels like he needs to redeem himself, or maybe he just wants to take down every vampire there, and he needs all the help he can get.

While it’s jarring how quickly the tone of the film changes, it’s entertaining and when it does change, it gets so ridiculous that it’s too much fun not to watch.


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