The Martian review

A film about an astronaut, Mark Watney, who becomes stranded on Mars after he is presumed dead when during a storm, he is hit by debris. After being left stranded on Mars, he must now find a way to survive until a rescue mission can be sent.

During the film we see Mark’s genius in how to survive when being stranded on a desert planet, it will be a good thing to know your stuff, especially when it comes to making water and food. This is the first hurdle that Mark must overcome. When he has enough food and water, all he really needs to let everyone know he is alive. We see how Mark uses all his knowledge to create more water, food, and to start up machines to use as communication devices, Mark starts to think out of the box and use ingenuity to think up almost radical solutions to what seem to be simple problems, however, I guess nothing is simple on Mars.

Mars looks beautiful but deadly, the sweeping shots of the barren planet show us the scale of everything there, how everything is barren, just rock and sand, no life there, but the human who got left behind. It seems hopeless for Mark, when the planet itself seems against you, with its lack of useable water, no oxygen, basically everything you need to keep a human alive. Mark is well and truly alone with the planet he stands on standing against him, but Mark has hope.

The greatest thing about Mark isn’t his genius, but his will to survive and his hope. He never gives up not even when everything goes wrong and turns against him. He keeps his sense of humour, keeping his spirits up and laughing at the danger he faces. I wrote in my “Good Morning Vietnam” review that Adrian Cronauer uses comedy as a self-defence mechanism, I feel Mark does the same thing, laughing and joking to keep his fear at bay, and hope alive. Sometimes it might seem like Mark is never afraid or gets angry about anything, laughing where he shouldn’t be, but we do see cracks in his armour. This is what leads me to believe that Mark isn’t unflappable, but a human who is scared and alone, but tries to make the best out of his situation. Mark is just a human trying to survive and get home, he uses all his ability to carry on, and that’s what makes him admirable and relatable.

How everyone else tries to help him is something I also noted when I watched this movie. It makes me happy to be part of the human race, when everyone banded together, at risk of a lot of things, to help one man. Humans can do great harm, but they can also do great things, this movie made me believe in the times when humans come together to do good, and not just for themselves, but for someone else.

This movie is a great film, and one that I feel covers many human natures. It’s amazing to see the sweeping landscape of Mars, the lifeless sand and rock, and the way that Mark works with what he has got and turns a hopeless situation around.


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