The Bourne Supremacy review

Two years later, Jason has settled in with Marie, in Goa, India, after being framed for a CIA operation that’s gone wrong and Marie murdered, Jason sets off to take down those after him.

Jason still suffers from flashbacks, which he writes down in a notebook. He lives with Marie, living a simple life, and living a life he wants to live. With Marie gone and being targeted again, Bourne has no choice but to hunt down those after him again and clear his name.

2 years of laying low haven’t dulled Jason’s skills at all, still being about to wield weapons with incredible proficiency, sneak around unnoticed, use his mind to think of ingenious ways to track down the information he needs to continue, hide, and keep track of his enemies.

Jason has lost the only thing that changed him. Now he has no reason to hold back his killer side, he is out not only to stop the people who are after him, but we sense for revenge as well, and now he has no one to protect, no one who can potentially hold him back, metaphorically and emotionally.

Now that Jason has lost the only thing that I believed stopped him from wanting to remember his past, he now searches it out. The flashbacks that he suffers are in bits and pieces, only gaining fractions of information to which means nothing on its own. Jason now acts on these flashbacks, trying to find out more about who he really is, going to places he knows might not only bring back his memories but also put him in danger.

I said in my The Bourne Identity review that losing your memories can be seen as a second chance at life, it’s your memories who make us part of who we are and when you forget them, you can become a different person. I believe Jason didn’t want his memories back because of the love he found and regaining those memories could change him, and becoming someone else is scary, whether you’re becoming someone else through forgetting or remembering. Now that Jason has lost the only reason for not wanting to remember, he has in a way become unchained, fully embracing his skills as an assassin, and making him even deadlier, and revengeful.

The film mixes its action with thoughtful moments of Jason’s emotion, the confusion, and in the end, just finding out the truth. Using the action as a way to move the plot from place to place, Jason is looking somewhere for something or someone, and he is chased out of there and onto the next place. The movie paces itself well breaking up its action with moments of quiet, allowing us to fully absorb what just happened and keep us in suspense for the next action scene. The film takes time for its characters to develop and not focus totally on the action.


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