The Bourne Ultimatum review – IMDB top 250 – #203

The film picks up almost immediately after the last film, escaping the Moscow police after the events with Kirill, the assassin tracking Bourne in “The Bourne Supremacy”. The film then jumps to 6 weeks later when journalist Simon Ross has knowledge on Blackbriar, an updated form of the Treadstone program which made Jason Bourne, and Bourne looking for answers, tries to track down who is behind Blackbriar.

Once again Bourne is thrust into danger when he takes a personal mission to recover his memories. Now Bourne wants his memories back, he isn’t afraid of learning anymore. He still seems to have the random flashbacks, and he’s learning more every day, gaining enough information to act on. How else can this trilogy end but Bourne regaining his memories?

Like the previous 2 films, this one is a chase film. It’s the chase for Bourne that leads him from place to place, Bourne is in one place, and gets chased to another, the chase becomes the plot point to move the plot forward. Bourne finds himself in all the familiar situations while being hunted, having to use his wits to outsmart his enemies, gun fights, and fighting hand to hand using his fists and again, anything he can grab his hands on, be it a towel or a book.

The film is paced just as well as the other 2 films, allowing for moments of quiet and character development in between all the action. The film has a more complex plot than the other 2, but it feels cleaner, smoother, and tighter, especially in the areas of the writing and fight scenes. It does nicely in filling in any questions we may have, and it delivers a satisfying ending, it feels like the movies are complete.

Jason still has the skills to keep up with the best; in a well done fight scene, a younger assassin, Desh, fights Jason in hand to hand combat in an enclosed area where we see the fight against the younger and fitter generation of assassins and the older but more experienced assassins of the last generation play out, both showing their respective ages and skills. This is Jason’s final mission. After he has regained his memories, he’s free to live as he wants as these people have nothing they can offer him.

It seems that Jason has no other goal in life right now, regaining his memories is the only thing that seems to matter to him, I get the feeling he can go into hiding and have the skills to stay hidden, as he will just need to worry about himself. Once again, I repeat my previous 2 reviews, saying that losing memories can make you a different person, and that’s scary, however, when the new self is all you know, becoming someone else again can be just as scary. Bourne doesn’t seem to care if he becomes someone else anymore, I said that he lost the only reason I believe that kept him from wanting to regain his memories, so in the end, his memories are all he has left to gain. Will Jason become someone new if he regains his memories? Will he be a mix of new Jason and old Jason? Or will he get to choice which Jason he wants to be?


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