The Bourne Legacy review

Arron Cross, a government operative who is assigned to Operation Outcome, a similar program to that of Treadstone and Blackbriar, is being hunted down by his own after everyone involved in Outcome has been targeted for assassination in order to cover up Outcome’s existence.

The film starts off around the start of “The Bourne Ultimatum”, and shows us what Arron Cross is doing during that time, we get shown scenes from the last film, to show us where we are in the timeline. The reason why Outcome is being erased is due to the actions by Jason Bourne in the last movie. It makes you wonder how many more of these operations that they have around the world, in terms of storytelling, to keep the story going, you can have an unlimited number of these operations and programs, each one more powerful, secret, and even more ridiculous than the last one.

Arron is like Bourne in terms of skill set, able to fight multiple opponents at once, disarm and use almost any weapon, drive with enough skill to outwit many police officers and think up clever plans to make it appear that he is dead or get into high-security places. Arron is someone who remains calm, and in control, but unlike Jason, he has been genetically modified, so he needs to take one green pill for physical needs, and one blue pill for mental needs, if he doesn’t then he begins to deteriorate back to his old self, or worse.

Arron is also different from Bourne in that Arron actually remembers everything, not just who he is but also who he was. Arron doesn’t have a quest to regain who he was, he doesn’t feel confused or scared from losing himself. He knows who he is and was, and is only fighting for survival, not revenge, not something that needs to be done, just pure survival.

The film follows the formula the other films did, it’s all about the chase. We have fistfights, gunfights, and vehicle chases, and these are well done, but I feel the other films did them better, especially the vehicle chase scenes. The chase is what drives the Bourne films on, and in this one, aside from needing to get to one place, they need to go nowhere. Jason needed to go to places to find out what was going on, to find his memories, talk to people, etc., while this film has them just chased so they can survive another day, it won’t drive them anywhere but the next hiding spot.

Arron isn’t as deep or well developed as Jason, and that is just from the first film, even if Jason did have 2 other films. This is because Arron doesn’t have much of a conflict, but Arron is interesting and entertaining enough to work as a plot point. The ending itself didn’t have much of a resolution to it, it sort of just ends, it wasn’t satisfying.


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