Hellboy review

Hellboy, a demon who comes through a portal opened by the Nazi’s with the help of Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin. The plan to open the portal fully is foiled by the allies and Hellboy is taken in under Trevor Bruttenholm, a genius Englishman, knowledgeable in the occult and supernatural field. Hellboy is raised to be a good, if cocky, man, and protects mankind from monsters and other supernatural beings.

The film starts off with us viewing the Nazi’s plan to open a portal, which is stopped by the allies, although none of the main enemies get killed or caught, it’s obvious to us and to Trevor that they will be back to finish the job someday. A young Hellboy is spotted, afraid and confused, he is offered a chocolate bar (A Baby Ruth), and is being convinced that the allies are not there to hurt him, he is taken in by Trevor, and then the movie begins showing us newspaper reports of Hellboy’s life and about the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence, and how they protect people from monsters and other unknown enemies of mankind.

The film shows us impressive visuals, and is very creative with them, the looks of the sets, from the ruins to the chambers of the headquarters, to the supernatural creatures we get to see; which also vary a lot, from Hellboy and Abe’s design, to the designs of giant tentacle monsters and Hellhounds, to the creepy and scared assassin Karl Ruprecht Kroenen. We also explore the lore of the world, while it’s not too deep, it gives us enough that we understand it and look forward to seeing more. The film gives us not only supernatural beings, but magic and those wielding it, who are able to bring the dead back to life, grant images of the future, and open portals to other dimensions.

The film shows us it’s characters steadily, and their personalities, and allow them to develop through the film; FBI agent John Myers is a brave if although intimidated by seeing all the new supernatural beings he’s seeing; Abe Sapien, an amphibious humanoid who possesses psychic abilities, who helps alongside Hellboy who he sees as like a brother; Liz Sherman, a woman who is kind but seem unsure of herself, what she needs to do, and is scared of her own powers; Trevor Bruttenholm, who possesses genius level intellect in the supernatural and occult, and takes Hellboy in as his own son; and Hellboy, who can be arrogant, and just wants to go out even though he is ordered to keep his life a secret, but who is also surprising gentle, caring, and loves the kind of things you wouldn’t associate with big, strong looking guys, just a reminder to never judge someone on how they look.

Each of the characters get their time to shine, while the focus is on Hellboy, the film deals with John Myers as well, my guess as they character that we can relate to, he has no powers, just his skill in what he has learnt so far in his life, he’s a 100% normal human. What I like about Hellboy’s character is the fact that he himself is very human, laughing and joking with his co-workers, has morals and even though he doesn’t have to, fulfil a duty to protect mankind that he was given, and in one scene, shows that he wants to, knowing right from wrong, and what I see as his most important and human quality, his love, love towards his father, and towards Liz.

While Hellboy’s character is usually the one who goes in headfirst and is often reckless, he does what he believes needs to be done, John on the other hand, despite having no powers at all, still goes into these dangerous situations, knowing he is outclasses, to try and help. He is usually volunteering to help people out, whether it’s in a fight, or with emotional problems, he appears to be the guy who wants to help out everyone, and usually a person you can rely on. The contrast between Hellboy and John is a good one, Hellboy is reckless and powerful, and John is calm and weak in comparison to Hellboy’s strength. Yet both of them try to help others out and do the right thing, even if they themselves might get hurt in the progress, both of them want to protect those that they love, even if their personalities and the way they go about it is different.


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