Ocean’s Eleven (2001) review

A film where Danny Ocean, an ex-convict who plans a massive heist, to rob 3 Las Vegas casinos simultaneously.

The film starts off with Danny attending a parole interview, which he gets granted, and immediately violates as he goes to visit his friend Rusty Ryan, and tells of his plan to rob Las Vegas casinos. The film paces itself well, showing Danny and Rusty going around and visiting old accomplices and meeting new criminals, how they get together and they plan and practise their heist, setting everything up and finally carrying out the plan, nothing feels rushed, which is good in a heist film, the more the movie paces itself with its planning and action the more I feel like the plan will work and makes things much more tense if something goes wrong.

Danny and Rusty believe they will need 11 people to pull this job off properly and as we meet each person, we get to know a little of their personality and their skills, such as Yen, an acrobat with incredible movement skills, allowing him to fit into small places and move without touching the floor; Linus Caldwell, a talented pickpocket; Livingston Dell an expert in surveillance and electronics; and Basher Tarr, an expert in explosives, to name a few.

The heist is cleverly planned to the last detail. It takes it’s time to introduce its characters, and it is about 30 minutes before the plan is even discussed, where we hear all the security details of the casino and how impossible it is to break in and out; the plan on how they aim to get in is given to us in bits and pieces as they set everything up. They scout out everything, how many guards there are, when they go on break, when they make their rounds, what their route is, what they talk about, pretty much everything they can find out about them individually, they follow the owner of the casinos, Mr Terry Benedict, they find out how the casino runs and changes its security codes. We see them setting up their taps into the casinos security system, their transport, how they plan to defuse any sensors, and they even make a replica of the vault to practise in.

Like with almost any heist movie, things come up which get in their way, and the tense atmosphere in these moments are great, allowing you to see how quick these people can think on their feet. The tense moments never overstay their welcome, they are not too short that the atmosphere doesn’t have time to set in, nor too long for the scene to become boring or predictable.

When we see the plan carried out, we see how all the little pieces that they set up come together, and how everyone plays their part or parts, but we still haven’t seen how they plan to smuggle the $150,000,000 out of the casino. All the way through I was wondering just how they were going to get in, but most of all, how they are going to get out.

The characters each have their own personalities, and they all work well with each other. Danny’s straight man, been around the block demeanour seems to keep everyone together, Linus’ rash attitude can cause trouble, but he is up for anything to help them out, the brothers Virgil and Turk Malloy are a couple of loyal men, but bicker with each other constantly like you would except some brotherly relationships to be like, which can get on others nerves. All of the characters feel real and are enjoyable to watch work and play off each other.

The film is enjoyable, the way the heist is planned, the problems and the solutions that they make up, and the way that all the character play off each other with their own unique personalities. I felt that the ending was a little sudden and left a little to be desired, but the film was entertaining enough that the ending spoil the whole film.


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