Ocean’s Twelve review

Danny Ocean and his team once again need to pull off a major heist in order to appease Mr. Benedict, who has come looking for revenge.

Danny and his team must pull off another major heist, this time, though, it’s not for the thrill or gain, it’s for their lives. Benedict has somehow tracked down all of the team, who we see at the start of the movie are living in all different areas of the world doing their own things; some are spending their money rather frivolously while others are laying low enough. Even though Benedict has his money back though his insurance, it is revenge he is more concerned in, and the team must pay back what they stole with interest. The team decide to work abroad due to being too hot in America and take a trip to Amsterdam.

The film has an interesting plot, this isn’t just a heist, but a competition. The master thief, The Night Fox, has beaten them at a job and offers them a proposition. If Danny and his team can prove they are the better thieves, then The Night Fox will pay off their debt to Benedict. It gives the film an extra edge to it, now not only are they having to plan a heist, but beat a master thief to the same target. It sets up an interesting, desperate, and difficult predicament for our characters.

The team get even more desperate measures as the team have a deadline of 2 weeks to get the money back. The team have to quickly think of a job big enough to pay back what they need since they only have 2 weeks to plan everything, it feels a little rushed and doesn’t seem to have a clever plan like the last film. I said in the first film’s review, the better paced the film is the more it feels like the plan will work, because, like the plan, it too seemed to be laboured over for a long time and given a lot of thought.

Some characters get more focus this time since the first film focuses on Danny and Tess, this film focuses mainly on Rusty and his love interest Isabel Lahiri, and Linus Caldwell. The most interesting of these to me is Linus, who has a much larger role this time, he asks Rusty to play a large role in the task, believing that he is capable of more. We see through the film that he is talented and wants to prove himself, we also see that as the film goes on that he is also a capable leader, and it’s interesting to see him grow from someone who mainly took a back seat until the end of the first film to someone who takes charge and thinks up the plans for the team. Even Benedict gets more time to build on his character, Benedict was told in the first film to be cruel and ruthless, and while we never see much of that personality during the first film, we see it come through more here, he feels more like a man not to be reckoned with. The characters all seem to have something new added to them, and still playfully banter and work off each other very well; because we’ve already met and established the characters in the first film, the second film uses that framework to build them up to add more personality to them. There are humorous parts to the film and characters, in an almost surreal scene when Tess, who is played by Julia Roberts, gets involved with the heist and has to pretend she is Julia Roberts so they can steal the targeted object, only to have Bruce Willis, who plays himself, see Tess and come over believing she is Julia so they can catch up with each other.

The film feels more rushed than and not as tense as the first, even with the added deadline and the added interesting competition from another thief. The deadline should make things tenser, but it feels far too rushed for any tension to fully build up. The competition should make things tense as well, and for some excellent chances to outsmart one another to prove who really is better, but it’s a shame that the competition never really feels like one, the film never truly focuses on it. It feels like it could have been more, but it never does much with the ideas that it had.


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