Ocean’s Thirteen review

“This is why revenge jobs don’t work, Daniel. You put yourself in a position, you know you should walk away, but you can’t.” Saul says this when the team is given an even harder task to accomplish, and you can see why, for revenge, especially for that of a friend, you still pile on the tasks even if it’s putting you and the team at greater risk. Revenge is a fickle thing, it can drive people to do crazy things, and it’s why Danny and the team take on the extra task because it means avenging their friend.

Reuben, a close friend of the team, gets double-crossed in a deal, by an old friend to Reuben, Willy Bank. Bank has scammed Reuben out of the ownership rights and Bank builds a casino while the shock of it gives Reuben a heart attack. The team aims to ruin Bank completely and this time, the story doesn’t have the revenge aimed at the team, but the team the ones dealing out the revenge.

The film brings in a more personal story for the characters, as this time they themselves feel personally attacked. The film sadly doesn’t up the personal relationships of the team, while we still have playful banter between them all, and still has some humorous and ridiculous scenes; such as when they need products from Mexico, only for their team member there to start a workers strike for better pay, getting too into his role, we only get a few throwaway lines for why the characters feel so indebted and friendly with Reuben. The characters clearly will go far for Reuben, so it would have been nice for the characters to show why they would.

The film paces itself better than the second film, the team have time to plan their heist and figure everything out. I’ll say it again, the better the pacing, the more I believe the plan will work, and I’m relieved to see that the pacing is well done, and the planning is thought out well enough for me to believe that it can work out. Like with the last 2 films, we get problems arise for our characters to overcome, but we see them easily overcome, and there is no sense of tension this time around at all. The tension you feel when something is going wrong is one of the main draws for a heist film for me, and to see how the characters make their way out of it, but here everything goes far too smoothly for any tension to build, maybe it is because I watched the trilogy over the last 2 days, but after the first 2 films I knew that every time a member of the team was “foiled”, I knew it was all part of the plan, because that is what the last films did. Even with this prior knowledge, it feels like there is a lack of adversities for the characters to overcome.

With a normal heist for gain in the first film, revenge on the enemy’s part and a competition with another master thief in the second film, one of the few directions for the third film would be revenge for one of the teams own, and that was the way it went. However, it is a shame that the film didn’t expand on the characters more like the second film did to an extent, it would have been a good chance to show us just how all the characters met Reuben and how they all feel towards him, and why they are all risking themselves for his sake, but the film doesn’t do that. In my opinion, out of the Ocean Trilogy, the first one is the best, then the third, and finally the second.


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